• Envirothon Singapore

    Since 2023

  • As one of the world's cleanest and most scenic countries and cities in the world, Singapore is famed for its efforts on eco-management and sustainable development.


    Envirothon Singapore joined Envirothon community in January 2023, marking the beginning of a transformative initiative. The inaugural Singapore Envirothon event took place later in May 2023, laying the foundation for a tradition of environmental exploration and learning.

    Please go to your Singapore local coordinator for more information.

  • Envirothon Singapore 2024



    National Competition

    March 23-24, 2024


    International Annual Final

    July 28-August 3, 2024

  • Latest News and Updates

    2024-03-28 | Envirothon Singapore National Round Concludes with Great Success

    We are thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of our National Round for this year's competition. After a intense and engaging series of environmental challenges, we are pleased to inform all our esteemed participants that the results have been officially released.


    Results of the competition can now be accessed through the online exam system. Participants are encouraged to log in and review their performance. Certificates commemorating participation and recognizing outstanding achievements have been dispatched via email. Check your inboxes and celebrate this milestone.


    Congratulations to all award winners! Your exceptional efforts and achievements serve as an inspiration to us all and underscore the importance of environmental stewardship. We look forward to your continued involvement and enthusiasm in our future endeavors.